Sunday, February 5, 2017

Remembering Her and Winning

King David was led into temptation because he refused to fight a known enemy. This blog is my refusal to make the same mistake.

While these memories go off in my brain like fireworks- leaving ash and debris in their wake, I sit in the trenches.
Not because I'm cowering in fear, but because I have found my safe place- and in light of that, I have something to say.

Jesus made can yell lies, whisper fears, scream of terrors that are headed my way.
You can remind me that I am too much- too analytical, too loud, too real.
You can throw all the fiery darts in your arsenal

But there is something you should know - I am not without weapons and I will use them.
I have the helmet of salvation that means, come what may I am safe.
I have the shield of faith that is destined to catch and quench all these arrows aimed for my soul and turn them to the one who shot them.
I have the sword of the Spirit, and I am no longer a new soldier, I have been fighting with this same armor for several years, and I intend to keep doing so because I know more now than I ever have.

And also? I read the end of the lose.

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