Monday, January 2, 2017

The Day The Demons Came: And I Lived

Something happened yesterday that has not happened in a long time...the enemy came and decided to make my mind his playground...

Remember when you had your heart broken, and your dreams destroyed? You are still not over probably never will be. You should probably warn Derick about all of the memories, that way he can go ahead and run away...because you know you're not enough.

Remember the pill bottles, and the late night notes written in case you didn't live until the next day? You won't make it down the aisle. You will have your heart broken...Remember


And Then...


Remember all of the days you sought Me. Remember My promises. Remember I pulled you from the grip of death and into the loving arms of eternal life. Remember when you gave me the broken pieces of your heart and I put them back together, and promised to give you someone who would treasure them forever.

Remember how we talked about Derick and how we did life together while you fell in love?

Sweet girl. when the demons come and remind you who you used to be, where you used to be, the pieces of you they stole...Remember...they already came, We already fought them. We already won. You remind them that you are Mine, you are meant to be Derick's because I promised. You are exactly who you are meant to be. I died so that you and I could live together.

Baby, remind the demons when they come that they are already too late. You have been bought with a price. You chose life. You are not fighting demons. You already fought them...and we won. Now, remember I set you free.

Go live happily ever after.