Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happily Ever After: A Short Story of God's Grace In A Year

2016.... How do you sum up a year that has been so crazy? With a series of one line snippets that you hope do justice to the heartbreak (and beauty) of one year.

Girl decides to visit Nigeria after having her heart stretched in pain and fear beyond what she thought she could handle.
Girl teaches English to a series of children and realizes she could spend the rest of her life happy in Africa
God asks girl on the plane ride home if she is willing to surrender everything, and if she could have anything what would it be?
Girl answers "Yes, but I would really love to fall in love. But, I am wonderful with Africa.
Making plans to move, girl surrenders her heart one last time.
Girl's sweet favorite person slowly starts to lose her battle with earthly life versus eternal life.
Boy moves to Albany...turns Girl's world upside down...
DQ chicken and Vanilla Cream Dr. Pepper's never tasted so good.
God laughs.
Boy brings flowers.
Girl tells favorite person she is dating boy.
Favorite person tells girl she is going to marry boy.
God laughs.
Girl freaks out.
Boy tells girl "I love you."
Girl tells boy "I love you too"
Girl's favorite person joins Jesus forever after.
Boy gets down on one knee and asks Girl to be his wife.
Girl says "Yes! Finally!"
Girl is overwhelmed by God's goodness (And a little scared)
God smiles.
Boy and Girl plan a wedding while deciding to live happily ever after