Saturday, June 4, 2016

Me Before You: A Complete Misuse of a Glorious Idea

'I went to see "Me Before You" with Derick and it aroused a righteous anger in me so deep I have to come out publicly and say some things.

For those unfamiliar with the plot Me Before You features a disabled romantic lead  (his disability came later in life) who falls in love with a girl and opts to end his own life because he remembers her life with a perfect body (life before her) and has decided his disability makes his life not worth living. He opts to surrender his power of attorney and take his life in the end.

As D and I sat in that theater processing the movie my only emotion was one of being TICKED OFF.

How DARE society promote a view of life that says if your body isn't perfect, and you have a disability life is worthless. I spent too many years believing that lie, I am not going to pretend that it's okay for the rest of society to promote it as "truth."

Having said that, let me tell you about my life WITH a disability and the WONDERFUL aspect of having my own palsy prince.

We have bus drivers that are like family, I know all of their kids names.
We win every time we do laundry, every time we cook together (Cough "he cooks" cough)
We win every time we are together just because it means we have learned the VALUE of dependence.
We have a blast getting places on his "hot wheels" and every time I fall, I laugh a little because we always make such an incredible entrance.

My heart breaks a little that the world has come so far that they would look at my life and my love and think I have the right to take my own life, or that I would want to. NO ONE has that right.

Yes, my boyfriend and I have it a little bit more difficult than someone with the "perfect body" that is apparently so desirable. Yes, we are awkward and imperfect and loud and wobbly. YES. And you know what?

I would not change a single thing for all of the "perfect" in the world because we are palsy perfect and it is wonderful.
I chose life. And, my Jesus made me exactly as He meant to.
Me Before You made one fatal mistake: They overlooked the beauty of a life that someone actually fought for.
I fought because my life means something. I fought for these moments I am experiencing with Derick. And he fights for me too. And Jesus fought for both of us. And if you choose to overlook the beauty of the choice and the fight you lose.

Here's to being perfectly imperfect and enjoying every moment of it.


  1. Well said, Sarah! Sounds like a terrible movie that I will now NOT see. Thank you for the excellent response and warning!