Tuesday, April 26, 2016

When The World Said No

So many times in my life the world has told me "No!" And not "No," like "This is what's best for you." No, like "We don't think you are enough. Searching the root of insecurity in my heart, I realized my insecurity of my ability does not stem from myself any longer, it stems from the messages of the world around me.

My heart has ached for days with no way for me to find the root. You see, I am not depressed. Not even a little. I am joyful and at peace for the first time in years, and it's not because everything is perfect. It's not. It's just because I have seen Jesus in so many ways.

And I realized my heart aches not for who I am, but for who I used to be. The young, broken woman who over and over and over and over heard
"We don't think you can do this," when it came to my dreams.
"We don't want you on our team" when all I wanted was to play with everyone else.
"We don't know how to let you in our world" when all I wanted was to see a place that loved me for me.

As I prayed about all of the closed doors, all of the tears, and the misunderstood reality of life with a disability I heard one thing very clearly:
Jesus is there even in the "No's!"
"No. You aren't meant to do what they expect. You are meant to do more than they ever expected because that is why I made you."
"No. You aren't meant to fit in on a team, you were meant to be part of a Body where you have a specific job, one just for you. Crooked feet and all."
"No. You weren't meant to be part of this world. It's just temporary."
But most importantly He let the world say No
So He could tell me
Yes. You were meant to be this happy.
Yes. You were meant for family.
Yes. You were meant for friends.
Yes. You were meant to dream bigger.
Yes. You were meant to be Mine.
So don't take it too hard when they say "No!" Because I say

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