Saturday, February 20, 2016

From the Point of View of the Palsy's: The Adventures You Never Planned on Having

If life with a disability has taught me anything it is that sometimes the most unexpected things can turn into the grandest adventures. Life with CP cannot be planned, explained, or enjoyed unless you quickly learn not to "Carpe Diem" but to seize the moment, not the day. I've learned each moment deserves to be experienced no matter what the emotion is. I have fully embraced sadness, determination, consequence, adventure, adversity...all in the pursuit of my decision to live life and life abundant - but the emotion I am experiencing now? The crazy "Once Upon A Time" so many people write about. The undeniable mocking that used to spout from my mouth can come out no longer.... The LifeTime movie network has nothing on real life.

I've had many people acknowledge that they have never seen me this happy. *Blushes*
So here's what I've learned from this journey so far:

Dating someone who also has a disability is nothing short of perfect, no matter how palsied it looks to the rest of the world.
Adventures on your own are fun. Adventures with someone else are glorious.
I don't know anything about anything...but it sure is fun to learn.

I'm scared. I'm excited. I'm insanely happy. I'm growing. But most of all I am doing what I chose to do 5 years ago, looking at life with CP, looking at all the exhaustion, all the scars, all the surgeries and sore hands and stiff feet, and knowing that even with all the "I can'ts," there is one thing I can do...choose life, in all the dark, all the light, all the glitter. And I can choose me. I can choose risk. I can choose real. I can choose the life Jesus died for me to have.

So often lately there have been moments I never expected to have. For those that know me they know it's because I planned to die young. I didn't think life was worth it, that Jesus had good plans for me, or that anyone or anything was worth living for. The past month and a half have taught me a few things.

I am stronger than I ever thought I could be. My sweet homeschooler who is like my mini me has challenged me a lot this month...but she will dream the dreams and live them the way she is meant to...when she learns to surrender.

I have more friends, more laughs, more tears, and more real than I have ever dreamed of....

But most of all....

I am worth a happily ever after. And I will pursue that (and the crazy guy in my life who makes me want that) with all that I am. Because that is what Jesus wants for me "to live happily ever after." And He writes better stories than any Disney producer ever could.

And that's life from the point of view of 
The Palsy's 

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