Friday, September 18, 2015

Little Miracles: Nigeria Here I Come

Every once in awhile I have no words, What follows is my pathetic attempt to convey the little miracles that have happened in my life, the story Jesus has been weaving together, even when I can't see the ending.

5 years ago I had given up on dreaming. It was scary, heartbreaking, and not worth living for. My only hope consisted in the plea that I wouldn't live long.

6 months spent at Mercy Ministries changed all of that. They re introduced me to the Jesus I never truly knew, showed me what it meant to walk in truth instead of lies, and were His hands and feet in saving my life,

4 years ago I went to Mozambique Africa and my entire world flipped on its axis. The only way I know how to explain it is to say I fell in love. While trying to explain to my mom what made Africa so special to me all I could say was, "When I go to Africa, it's like part of me is home."

3 months ago I went to Haiti with Back2Back Ministries to see if I could possibly partner with them. While there, Jason, the in state director of both Haiti and Nigeria asked me if I would ever be interested in going to Nigeria. Without hesitation I said "Absolutely."

Coming home my sister in law told me, "I think you're leaving for Nigeria sooner than you think." I am thrilled to announce she was right. I am going to Nigeria November 10-21, and in prayer about if it is something I want to do long tern upon graduation with my M.A. in English.

I don't know what happens after graduation but I do know when I look back on my life I am so humbled and repentant that I ever thought Jesus didn't care about my life or my dreams. I know that dreaming is scary and not very safe, but I also know He wants me to dream because He is my Father, and He loves His daughters.

And He has made my life a series of little miracles.