Friday, June 12, 2015

Fallen Doesn't Mean Ugly: Choosing Glitter in Ashes

Confession - this is one of my more girly posts so if you don't want to read it I understand.

I have been in a time of transition "from glory to glory" as my sister in law reminded me. And in the midst of walkers, falls, scars, bruises and braces, I felt the enemy begin to whisper, "This is the most imprisoned you have ever been. Why trust the Lord if this is what He does to the ones He loves? How can you even look in the mirror?

My life has felt pretty full of ashes lately, and choosing life has gotten more and more exhausting. Praying for Jesus to show me how to fight, I felt Him say "Remember all the things that matter, Remember all of the ways I use CP. Remember how much I love you. Remember my gifts in the midst of this struggle.

And as I thought about how we live in a fallen world, the Holy Spirit said, "Just because it's fallen doesn't mean it's not beautiful."

Walkers and bruises and braces and tears can be a part of beauty. You just have to choose the glitter.

Then I decided it was time to take action, and make a choice. So I called my precious friend McKenna and asked if she could help me take some photos, so I would have some physical reminders of this spiritual fight I'm in. Explaining what I was dealing with, she took these photos, and I have never felt more encouraged.

The enemy wanted a fight, and now he has one. I choose life. I choose glitter. I choose peace. Because a glittering life is what Jesus died for me to have, even in the dark. And isn't that beautiful?

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