Monday, March 17, 2014

An Open Letter To Parents

1 Corinthians 13:11
"When I was a child I thought like a child, I spoke like a child I reasoned like a child. When I became a man I put childish ways behind me."

To Parents,

Of Littles: I see all the diapers that you change, the noses that you blow, the stories that you tell and the tea parties that you have-drinking water and eating soggy goldfish and pretending it's the best stuff you have ever tasted. I see you fast forwarding through the scary parts of Disney movies and making your kid eat his vegetables even when he throws them at you. I just want to say I know it can be a thankless job but those moments shape your child in ways nothing else will. I'm not a parent yet. but I hope when I am, I'm like you-doing the jobs only love can do.

Of Elementary Schoolers: I see all the math homework you stay up late working on, all the labels you save up for science class and all the times you force your kid to read for AR. I see the way you want to protect them from the bullies in the playground, the insecurity they feel when they have to give a presentation in front of their peers, I see the battle of letting your kid go-and I just want you to know, secretly? They want to stay little forever too.

Of Teenagers: God bless you! This time of life is hard for EVERYONE. I see you enforcing a curfew for your kid even though they swear they don't need one. I see you telling your little girl her prom dress is too short, and your little boy that he actually has to pay for his own gas. I see you fighting for your child's identity in a way even they are unaware of. I see you struggling to know which battles are worth fighting and which ones to let go. I just want you to know that someday they will see that real love draws boundaries and they will love you for having the Love that did just that. Then all those "I hate you" moments will hurt them as much as they hurt you. I'm sorry for all the hormonal moments that they say things they will regret 10 minutes later. I thank you for being there for your kid when no one else wants to be-because you know they have millions of voices telling them who to be and your voice will be the loudest.

Of Adults: You did it! They live independently, go to school on their own, pay their own bills…and they couldn't have done any of it without you. You are still the voice in their head reminding them what standards are. You are still their constant cheerleader, and one of the most honest people in their lives. But most importantly, you are still needed. They need your "I love you's, I'm proud of you's, and your bragging to your friends. In many ways, you are still their yardstick. Thank you for always believing they were going to change the world.

To My Parents: Thank you doesn't even begin to cover it. We made it through 2 body casts, so many surgeries, and therapists and tears, and shoes with holes. I'm so sorry for all the times I wasn't grateful for the battles you were fighting for me, not against me like I thought. Thank you for all the times I forgot to say it. Thank you for letting me call you every day, for not making it scary to ask for advice, for never letting me forget that "I can do all things through Christ." Thank you for helping me choose life when death wouldn't leave me alone. Thank you for looking to your Father when you didn't have all the answers.

I stand for all of your children when I say:
We will become the men and women we were meant to be because you were there fighting and believing and loving even when we didn't deserve it. Thank you, for everything.

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  1. Thanks, Sarah, for posting this. I needed to hear it today! I love your "fighting for me not against me like I thought" and "helping me choose life when death wouldn't leave me alone." You have a gift for the written word. AND you have amazing parents.