Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Word to Heartbroken Women: And the Men Who Pay For It

I stumbled across this meme a few days ago and my heart broke.

"A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe and leaves before she is left." Marilyn Monroe. 

FALSE FALSE FALSE. A heartbroken girl does those things. 

I see you little girl with all your dreams and your white towel veil. I see you leafing through bridal magazines when you think no one is watching and practicing your vows when all is quiet at night. 
I see you when you meet him...the guy you're sure is the one. I see you when he isolates you from all your friends, he becomes your whole world, he tells you everything your dreams told you he would...
And then he leaves...he cheats....he lies....he shuts down...and that knight in shining armor becomes your worse nightmare. 

So you "recover." You vow never again to dream of happily ever after, and when guys get too close you flinch and push and pull away until they can't fight it any more. Then when they finally leave, you breathe a sigh of relief because you are still "in control." 

I see you...because in many ways I am you. 

In our society men get such a bad reputation, but it is because women have come face to face with a little boy masquerading as a man. This is a letter of apology to all the incredible men in our society who pay the price for little boys following Peter Pan's example and never growing up. It is a letter to all the heartbroken girls, there is a different way. 

Men, I am sorry that the girl you're falling in love with had her first encounter of the emotional with a little boy who in many ways threw her away like so much trash. I am sorry that when you pursue her she runs away instead of closer to you. 
I am sorry that it only takes one relationship with one little boy for many lies to make themselves at home in her soul. 
I am sorry that when you pray over her, open her doors, hug her just because, and want to wait to have sex she doesn't know how to handle it because the little boy she once dated convinced her that true love meant sacrificing every part of herself, mind, soul, and body. 
But, I am here to tell you, if you keep you doing those things, you will eventually win her over. And victory will have never tasted so sweet. She will challenge you like no one else does, laugh at your corny jokes, and love through it all. 
So though I am sorry for the little boy who ruined it for you, men, keep fighting, 
for the little dreaming girl underneath. 

Girls, here I speak to you. I know that little boy really wounded you, (he wounded me too), but here I apologize on behalf of all little boys. The reality is that most of them don't know what they are doing when they try to break you, and the ones who do know what they're doing aren't worth your time anyway. But don't let society disguise foolishness as wisdom.

A wise girl kisses solely because she loves, and waits to kiss because the MAN (not boy) who pursues you wants all of you not just stolen kisses when no one is looking. 

A wise girl listens to the Holy Spirit and knows which men are worthy of trusting. She believes that Jesus has her heart in His hands, and He will only give it to a man after His own heart. 

A wise girl doesn't have to worry about leaving because Jesus will never leave her or forsake her even if a man does. A wise girl is steadfast just like the Holy Spirit in her. 

A wise girl lets go of the little boy that wounded her, because she believes in the MAN Jesus has for her. 

A wise girl knows that this man will be loving and gentle, patient and pursuing, and above all else CHRIST seeking because there is no man greater than Jesus.
So while you're waiting on that man to pursue you, just remember there is no man like Jesus, and He is who your future waits on.

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