Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Playground: When My "Self" and My "Soul" Are at War

The playground is dark

and surrounded by underlings who are here to 

play with my mind.

They spin the merry-go-round with worries and what if’s?

as my faculties begin to decline.

I hear a voice of terror

come whispering, spooking, and screeching

as I swing back and forth between depression and

pleasure of the most frustrating freshly kind.

I slide down

and free fall into the tempting reveille

of sin.

Watched, always watched by two pairs of eyes

who both have plans for the souls of all men.

One, that of an enemy

who sees all the ugly of me.

The mess of my madness,

the pain of my questions,

the dust from which I came,

and whispers

who do you think you are?

Ashes! Ashes of wondering, ashes of sick, ashes so utterly undeserving,

I’m going to make merry with you,

I’ll watch while you suffer,

make plans for your death,

and while you live you will have nothing

but dust.

Yet, another pair of eyes beckons,

shows a vastly different see,

Oh! Love even as my heart breaks for you,

to see light, only look for me.

The playground goes bright with no sign of shadow,

No room even for dark.

Surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses,

rooting, all rooting

for the free.

He spins the merry-go-round

with what is above and beyond,

heart wounds to suture,

a hope and a future.

A voice with so sweet a face,

He calls me

My child, My dust one,

Your new name

Forever is grace.

I slide down with questions,

things that still don’t make sense,

a limp, and an “unfair”

and He says “I am He to whom none Compare.”

I am your dream giver, your recompense.

And Oh Child I see all the “ugly” of you, but Satan has played the fool

because I will take your ugly

and make it nothing but beautiful.

I see your mess, and I will weave it all together,

Never forget my love, my chosen,

you and I will be together forever.

You came from dust, you came from ashes.

but you will win beauty’s crown,

because you are Mine,

and the whole world knows my Name and Renown.

Yes you will stumble into pride but I will always be near,

But My child, my sweet one, my Love, do not fear.

This park does not belong to him,

this temple belongs only to me,

so do not let him make prisoner

those whom I’ve already set free.

I am always on time, and always for you

Rejoice today is our day

I make all things new

So come on love

And let’s play!


Sarah Turner

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