Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Found Guilty: I've Been Paid For

I look in the mirror and remember
words exploding like bombs
and coloring the lens
black, like a chalkboard with no eraser.

I look in the mirror and say
I am guilty
of violence
that I caused by yelling at the innocents,
I am guilty
of speaking and believing lies,
about the girl who might fail out of school
or the man who lost his job.

As I look at all my guilt,
I can no longer see my face when I look in the mirror
because all I see is guilt.

I am guilty of taking my own life in my hands
and planning my way out,
I am guilty but I heard you say
You are not your own,
I paid the price
so you didn't have too...

You took the words
smeared like blood
all over my soul
as  I lay dying
and lifted my head
taking my place.

The black slowly fades
as you erase
and write
in your own hand
with the blood you shed
the truth.

She is saved.
She is mine.
She is glorious.
She is innocent.
She is paid for.
She owes you nothing.
I war for her
I paid for her.
I have compassion on her.

Before Mercy I felt guilty all the time. Mercy teaches girls with heartbreaking, life controlling 'never be able to handle it on your own" issues and points them to the glorious freedom and forgiveness found in Jesus Christ.
I guess this post is to say
Thank you sweet Jesus for Mercy

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