Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Few Good Men: The Power of Men in Teaching Girls to Wait

All Christian girls are taught that purity is important because the Bible says so. But we live in a culture that pervasively teaches that quick is better. The old adage "good things come to those who wait" has lost power in a society of fast food, self-checkouts, and movies with one-night stands that turn into love. At younger and younger ages girls are faced with the issue of how to handle all the emotions that come with dating.  I love that the Church wants girls to see their value, but if you want them to wait, please, show them what they are waiting for.

Waiting and marriage are  under hardcore attack in our country, but teaching your girls the value of both of these things does not begin in the church. It begins at home. It begins with "a few good men."

I'm 24 years old and single. I walk in purity. I walk in waiting.  I am content in who I am.
But, I don't make this choice because I was basically born into church. Shockingly, I don't even mainly make this choice because the Bible says so....I make this choice because I know who I am waiting on....
I make this choice because the men in my life have shown me who I am waiting on. They have shown me that waiting is worth it.

This is my daddy. He is incredible. He seeks Jesus like no one else I know. But he has shown me that waiting is worth it because he is so obviously in love with my mama :). He tells me that he loves me and he shows me that real men will wait on the right girl. Real men love their wives like Christ loves the Church. Real men are worth waiting on. 
This is my older brother. If you want proof that real men exist, look no further. He has shown me that wise women wait because he pursues his wife still, and always lets her know how crazy blessed he is to have her in his life. He shows me why I am waiting because he never lets me doubt that I am worthy of love. His over protective side kicks in too often sometimes, but every girl needs that once in awhile :), because the real men in her life know she is worth protecting. 

So girls. when the world makes you wonder what you are waiting on, when you are saying no while all your friends say yes, 
just remember that "a few good men" do exist, 
and those men...
They are who you're waiting on...
because you are more than worth it,
and real men want a woman who waits on them. 


  1. Oh Sarah, I so so so needed to read this! And I absolutely loved it!

    P.S. I saw your sweet mom helped me in the business office the other day and it made me miss you.

    1. :) Love you dinner with Becks when I get back?

    2. Umm yes! If I am here when you get back and if not then we shall have it in August!