Monday, June 3, 2013

What Love Looks Like: Through the Miles

As I start out on this journey I keep thinking about how loved I feel and it made me think about what love looks like.

When people ask me about why I love Jesus even when things are hard or hurtful I don't how to explain it. I love Jesus because I know Him (and He knows me). Jesus is love, and those who are in Him know how to love like no one else I know.

They love through FaceTime life group and snap chat smiles.
They love through frozen yogurt going away parties and text messages.
They love through little "pieces of Texas" they loaned me for my time in TN.
They love through I'm freaking out phone conversations.

Love looks like crying together when life doesn't make sense.
Love looks like laughing at yourself when you do something dumb.
Love looks like praying when someone else doesn't have the strength,
and not saying what someone else already knows.

Love looks like praying over puppies,
and moms coming through security.
Love looks like rocking chairs on front porches
and sweet puppies who cuddle.

Love looks different as things change, but no less real.
Love sees you exactly as you are,
and finds life unbearable without you in it.

I am so humbled by the love I know
and pray I live my life
loving like He does
Thank you all for your love

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