Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tribute To A Christian Heritage: A Thanks to My Family

Today as the bus dropped me off after work (I got to have lunch with some lovely Mercy girls today), and I started to do laundry, I had a moment of remembrance.

I have come so far, and a life in victory tastes sweeter than I ever thought it would.
To be honest, I never thought I would be here.
I have so many memories of being told,

I know it's hard
but you're going to do it.

I know it's hard
but you're going to make your bed.
I know it's hard
but you're going to dress yourself.
I know it's hard
but you're going to walk.
I know it's hard but
you'll be independent.
No excuses.

I had an unconventional childhood,
but I never doubted my siblings would
speak the truth in love.

I had a lot of pain stored
in my heart
thanks to the struggle
my life was
"hurt people, hurt people"
and I definitely hurt my family
because I was hurting.

But they never lost sight of what they were fighting for.
They never gave up on me,
even when I did everything I could,
to make them go away.

So now,
I do my laundry, get dressed. and work on my own hair because my mom never gave up on me.
I walk because my daddy made me work on it even when I would rather do anything else.
I make jokes about Cerebral Palsy because my Bubba taught me that I can control my response to walking funny,
I love who I am because Landon loved me even when I wasn't very lovable.
I learned how to ask for help because Emily always makes it seem like it's natural to have to help her 24 year old sister with her make up.
I learned that God really does have a destiny, even perfect in laws (thanks Sarah M) so dreams are worth dreaming,
because He will do
above and beyond
all I could ask or imagine.
I live the life I wasn't brave enough to dream of
because my parents never stopped having faith in the One who could make it happen.

But more than anything
when my family
didn't know how to help
their heartbroken little girl
they pointed me to the One who did.

They didn't love Jesus with only words.
They loved him with hugs when my body was stiff and unyielding.
They loved by speaking love when I spoke hate, and life when I spoke death.
They loved with letters when I was far from home,
and pointing me to the Bible when I was believing lies.

So if you're looking for evidence that Jesus lives
just look at my family
and know He's still fighting for you,
and using you
to fight for others.

I'm crazy thankful for my family.

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