Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Generation to Generation: One Person Can Make a Difference

Mercy just celebrated  their 30th Anniversary. The theme was Generation to Generation This made me think of Psalm 154:4 which says

"One generation shall commend your work to another, and shall declare your mighty acts."

The Bible promises that we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.(Revelation 12:11)

Mercy came about because one woman made a choice to obey the voice of the Lord, even when she knew she couldn't do it in her own strength.

As I sat listening to testimony after testimony of how this one choice saved SO many lives, it made me realize something... I owe so much of my life to people who made one choice:

The choice to intentionally sow into future generations.

It becomes so easy to do what seems wise in the moment,
spend money on things that don't really matter,
waste time on things for which you will never reap a return,
and ignore the voice of the Lord because what He has asked me to do seems much too far out of reach.

But that goes against everything I believe in.
I am a life redeemed
because people made a choice.

To invest in this organization
invest in LIFE
when death seemed eminent.

To believe in HOPE
when I couldn't believe in it myself.

And it makes me want
more than anything,
to invest in the next generation,
because ONE choice from ONE person
really can save a life.

I am living proof.

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And for a book that will really challenge you to follow the voice of the Lord even when the world makes it seem impossible you should check out Nancy Alcorn's new book Mission of Mercy! 

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