Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Political Outcry

Political outcry,

Religious zealot,

Watch the bleeding martyr die,

Instead of clinging to truth, we sell it,

Abuse, scars, blood,

Misuse, farce, headlines, mud,

Pain, broken, searching,

Insane, spoken, churching,

Lives pay the cost,

What should be found…Lost,

I hear the voices,

I see the swords,

Own heart knows its choices,

The price truth affords,

They mock, they muddle,

They hawk, they insult,


Wounded heart,

Body torn apart,

Gossip, slander,

Brother, enemy,

Slowly slip,

When what binds is what once made us free,

Tears blind weeping women,

Sin taunts hurting men,

We see the humanity of fierce faces,

And so easily forget the heavenly places,

The sound of angels fight,

The blinding of the demon,

See instead a human blight,

The taunt and chain of sin,

Forget the enemy also has an agenda,

A plan of death, destroys,

Ignore so quickly the trap of his ploys,

The battle rages,

Flag unfurled.

We see in sword’s pages,

The reality of another world,

We must be heavenly minded,

I fear when I see,

The bound and blinded