Monday, April 12, 2010

This I Know

As I awaken,

From Love as sleepy dream,

Love is as a sapling seed grow,

The silent valor of men,

Love is weeping in the night,

Pleading of a voice unheard,

Love will last, will it might,

Love is Life endured,

Love is silent support,

Love is merely touch, and Hold,

Love is a child needing comfort,

Love is weakness, made Bold,

Love is worldwide seeking, Eyes,

Love is in a word,

Love is smiles, Love is cries,

Love is Memories stirred,

I could seek in Deepest deep,

In Highest heaven above,

Yet this make love seems cheap,

I could seek all knowledge of Love,

Love longs to be Caught,

All this I know of He who is Love,

And yet I know Him not