Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dream In Color

The pastel glories whisper,
Telling a proud tale,
Of thoughts that did at once endure,
In hidden, hopeful pale,
I dared, I longed,
To sleep, to rest,
Heart bared, wish belonged,
Keep thine hope confessed,
Yet in dreams,
Heart stays awake,
Souls sighs seems,
Lost for souls sake,
See the stars,
Blinking, bursting, beautiful.
Like the proud warrior scars,
Boasted as a jewel,
Hear the clamor leaving spirit deaf,
See the red of love,
Gently heart holds its breath,
Dreamt of grey above,
The neon colors of memory,
The pink blush of soul pleasure,
The rainbow only I see,
The glint of mind’s treasure,
Oh! If only people knew,
The glory of repose endure,
To sleep alone, to dream of You,
The glory of somedays’ pure,
I dare to,
Dream in color


  1. Great job Sarah! I'm so proud of you and amazed how your writings keep getting better and better every time!