Thursday, April 22, 2010

72 Hours

When walking down a path one day,
I noticed it was overgrown,
With...well I would rather not say,
But in the middle was a rather large stone,

I blushed to see the bitter root,
Stuck so deep inside,
The cocky arrogance astute,
The way lined in pride,

I was so disappointed in the state of the road,
So furious at the laziness of its caretaker,
Eye caught by the potted load,
Of mistakes, made by its maker,

Mind made up to stand up to the owner of this place,
Caught in righteous fervor,
Justice face,
Cause a stir,

In search of something known,
Think I see, oh no! It cannot be,
The reflection of the stone,
This horrible path belongs to me...

Pushing, fighting, the stone will not budge,
Condemned, nothing left to save,
Sin's bitter grudge,
Maker of my own grave,

No way out,
Here I must stay,
Filled with doubt,
Alas, bless the third day,

Day one, my stone to bear,
Day two, His fight and prayer,
I have given up on being free,
Never expecting day three,

Nothing left to save, do or, say,
Evil will rue the day,
That third day dawned,
To roll the stone away....

All is in bloom,
See fruit's new stem,
New duties to assume,
Thanks to heart's new owner...Him

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