Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Political Outcry

Political outcry,

Religious zealot,

Watch the bleeding martyr die,

Instead of clinging to truth, we sell it,

Abuse, scars, blood,

Misuse, farce, headlines, mud,

Pain, broken, searching,

Insane, spoken, churching,

Lives pay the cost,

What should be found…Lost,

I hear the voices,

I see the swords,

Own heart knows its choices,

The price truth affords,

They mock, they muddle,

They hawk, they insult,


Wounded heart,

Body torn apart,

Gossip, slander,

Brother, enemy,

Slowly slip,

When what binds is what once made us free,

Tears blind weeping women,

Sin taunts hurting men,

We see the humanity of fierce faces,

And so easily forget the heavenly places,

The sound of angels fight,

The blinding of the demon,

See instead a human blight,

The taunt and chain of sin,

Forget the enemy also has an agenda,

A plan of death, destroys,

Ignore so quickly the trap of his ploys,

The battle rages,

Flag unfurled.

We see in sword’s pages,

The reality of another world,

We must be heavenly minded,

I fear when I see,

The bound and blinded

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Sky Is Green

The sky is green,

So I've been told,

Yet is the truth it seems,

Leaving mind sold,

To believe whatever "truth" comes my way....

The world's Square? Oh! Okay...

Hope is rare no matter what I say,

There is only what is seen,

Oh! Remember, the sky is green....

The sky is green,

The ocean yellow,

Sin is clean,

High is low,

Truth? That is relative,

Morality? What's that?

Who needs limits to live?

Kings fall from thrones which once they sat,

Hot is cold,

Fat is lean,

People believe whatever their told,

Oh! Remember...the sky is green

Monday, May 3, 2010


Questions pulse, questions race,

Questions line weary face,

In her eyes lingers thought,

Of meaning,

Elusive fought,

A walk down,

A weary road,

Puzzled crown,

Heavy load,

The world turns,

So fast he cannot see,

Betrayal burns,

At what once set free,

Close my eyes,

Afraid to look,

Cowardice despise,

One’s strength forsook,

Feel the horror of treason,

Meaningless, painful…Reason,

Came to Earth,

Cannot understand,

Offering Rebirth,

In place of humanity’s demand,

Yet and yet, neglected,

Seems, more than ever rejected,

In the face of being free,

Wound up in my own tragedy,

Wounded in self blame,

Calling out His name

As I sit alone in world unfair,

Begging, one question….Where?

Where? My heart cries,


Truth, come reveal the lies,

To Your created,

Where are You? Where were You? Where will You be?

One Answer….

My Child I kept you always next to me,

The grief, the tears,

The endless years,

The pain that still does not make sense,

I never removed you from the rest of My Presence,

And yet, and yet heart betrays me,

As sin continues to damn,

Heart of Love I do not see,

Knowing this, Love says,

“My Child, I have been, I Am, I Always Will Be,

Here for you,

To hold you and love you always,

My heart will be true,

In pain, in praise,

Though you may not see it, may struggle as before,

Eternity together we shall live,

You may not know what lies in heavens store,

But all your questions have answers….from My perspective

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Isaiah 9:1

Isa 9:1 [fn] But there will be no gloom for her who was in anguish. In the former time he brought into contempt the land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali, but in the latter time he has made glorious the way of the sea, the land beyond the Jordan, Galilee of the nations. [fn]

My anguish eats me up inside,
My moth eaten garments stink with the stench of yesterday,
My dreams of tomorrow long ago died,
I have forgotten what it means to pray,
My regrets bury me in their mocking,
My tears flood me with their salt,
My ears hear the voices taunting,
My soul bears the scar of its fault,
The contempt of fingers pointed,
Fragments of memories disjointed,
My heart shares the name of gloom,
I am the corpse I often see in the tomb,
Tortured by the pit, no longer able to climb,
Feel the bitter hit, the laugh of lost time,
Know the utter finality of the grave,
Limp of the lost leaves me lame,
Until He chose to save,
My life, Calling my name,
Out of the sea of sorrow,
To the Way beyond,
Giving me the beauty of a tomorrow,
Know the joy of my heart respond,
Where once despair and doom invaded,
See the warrior soul victorious,
I remain fully persuaded,
My King has made my Way truly glorious,
I will never be the same,
Blessed be His name,
Cannot wait to see what He has planned,
On my way to the promised land

Thursday, April 22, 2010

72 Hours

When walking down a path one day,
I noticed it was overgrown,
With...well I would rather not say,
But in the middle was a rather large stone,

I blushed to see the bitter root,
Stuck so deep inside,
The cocky arrogance astute,
The way lined in pride,

I was so disappointed in the state of the road,
So furious at the laziness of its caretaker,
Eye caught by the potted load,
Of mistakes, made by its maker,

Mind made up to stand up to the owner of this place,
Caught in righteous fervor,
Justice face,
Cause a stir,

In search of something known,
Think I see, oh no! It cannot be,
The reflection of the stone,
This horrible path belongs to me...

Pushing, fighting, the stone will not budge,
Condemned, nothing left to save,
Sin's bitter grudge,
Maker of my own grave,

No way out,
Here I must stay,
Filled with doubt,
Alas, bless the third day,

Day one, my stone to bear,
Day two, His fight and prayer,
I have given up on being free,
Never expecting day three,

Nothing left to save, do or, say,
Evil will rue the day,
That third day dawned,
To roll the stone away....

All is in bloom,
See fruit's new stem,
New duties to assume,
Thanks to heart's new owner...Him

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dream In Color

The pastel glories whisper,
Telling a proud tale,
Of thoughts that did at once endure,
In hidden, hopeful pale,
I dared, I longed,
To sleep, to rest,
Heart bared, wish belonged,
Keep thine hope confessed,
Yet in dreams,
Heart stays awake,
Souls sighs seems,
Lost for souls sake,
See the stars,
Blinking, bursting, beautiful.
Like the proud warrior scars,
Boasted as a jewel,
Hear the clamor leaving spirit deaf,
See the red of love,
Gently heart holds its breath,
Dreamt of grey above,
The neon colors of memory,
The pink blush of soul pleasure,
The rainbow only I see,
The glint of mind’s treasure,
Oh! If only people knew,
The glory of repose endure,
To sleep alone, to dream of You,
The glory of somedays’ pure,
I dare to,
Dream in color

Monday, April 12, 2010

This I Know

As I awaken,

From Love as sleepy dream,

Love is as a sapling seed grow,

The silent valor of men,

Love is weeping in the night,

Pleading of a voice unheard,

Love will last, will it might,

Love is Life endured,

Love is silent support,

Love is merely touch, and Hold,

Love is a child needing comfort,

Love is weakness, made Bold,

Love is worldwide seeking, Eyes,

Love is in a word,

Love is smiles, Love is cries,

Love is Memories stirred,

I could seek in Deepest deep,

In Highest heaven above,

Yet this make love seems cheap,

I could seek all knowledge of Love,

Love longs to be Caught,

All this I know of He who is Love,

And yet I know Him not